Heeia Construction Company’s unique “Three Phase” system:

Phase 1: A complimentary study which involves presenting your wishlist to a Heeia Construction Company partner architect, who will then draw a basic floorplan based on this information. From this floor plan, our subcontractors then decipher a reasonably accurate estimate of the total cost of the project.
This information is relayed back to you and if the estimate exceeds your budget, professional advice is offered about any different options available to reduce the cost of the build.
Phase 2: Construction drawings are elaborated and refined and the cost estimate is revised.
Phase 3: Final estimate, signing of the contract, building permits and finally, construction.

“Historically, most people commit a lot

of money by the time they hear that

the project is too expensive. I feel

better that the client can actually get

something built without going

through the frustration of “oh no,

more money?!””

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