Our “Process” may seem to be the same as other General Contractors but it’s really not.  There are a few subtle HUGE differences!

Contact us to find out what the differences are!

Here’s a preview of our process!


Pre-Estimation Phase I

Plans and Pre-Estimations are reviewed and tweaked according to needs and budget…  All is agreed upon and customer is ready to move on!

Enter into contract with Draftsman/Architect and Engineers for work already done!

Permits and Approvals are submitted!

Final Estimation!  Final review of the agreed upon plans by the sub-contractors and submission of appropriate documentation to Heeia Construction. (Normally it is the same as the first estimate unless there were any changes made in the interim!)

Now that you’re ready for construction, this is when you would enter into a contract with Heeia Construction!

Construction Phase!

Invoices are submitted by Sub-contractors on a weekly basis AFTER the work has been performed for that week.  An ongoing record of payments will also be provided to the client.

Wait!  We’re not done yet!  Heeia Construction guarantees that we will not charge more than the contract price that is entered into, but we will reduce the contract price if we spend less than the contract price!  WHAT???? WHO DOES THAT???  Heeia Construction does! 🙂